Hand Crafted Metaphysical Jewlery

Hello peaches!I grew up in an artistic family. My parents loved painting, music, design, crafting, and makeshift projects.
It's no surprise that their only daughter would also follow an artsy path.
I've always excelled in art. I was the kid in art class that was excited to be there! =)

 After high school, My friends and I used to have bracelet making sessions. Literally getting comfortable on the floor and busting out clear plastic craft organizers loaded with pony, pearler, glow in the dark, you name it we had the beads! That was what we did for fun. Making and trading bracelets was our outlet to creativity.

  I never dreamed of pursuing art in my adult life. However, I started having pain in my right ribcage and mid back in 2020. Every morning before work I'd do stretches to help alleviate the pain. I worked a very physical job taking in and unloading retail shipments so I tried to convince myself that I just pulled a muscle.

  My fiance was so caring and patient with me. It's like he could feel what I was feeling. As much as I fought not to go; I knew I had to get checked by a doctor. After many, MANY doctor visits and testing I heard my diagnosis in 3 words that would forever change the narrative of my life. 
You have Metastatic Breast Cancer. 
It spread to my 10th rib, T10, T11, and T5 vertabrae, right iliac, and a couple lesions on my liver we're watching.

  At the young age of 35 my whole world was in a tailspin. 
My perspective of life changed. I felt like everything I had lived up until that point was a lie. Why Me? What did I do to deserve this? 
  Searching to find myself AGAIN; I discovered crystals. Learning about them helped me to ignore the reality that I face. Looking though the pictures above you'll see just a few of the caves, crystal coves, and mines my partner and I have been to.

Cancer has stole a lot from me but I WILL not allow it to steal my talent!

My partner, who's been very supportive of my medical agenda, suggested I start making crystal jewelry. His exact words were, "You can do that, how hard could it be"? " What's the worse that could happen? You'd make a sale?" Working with the wire and concentrating on perfection of the pieces I create distract me from my wired brain and mixed emotions. Because of you, the buyer, I'm blessed to keep pursuing this crazy dream.
Buying from my shop isn't just a sale. There's a story behind every piece. ♡

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