Hand Crafted Metaphysical Jewlery

Hello peaches!
I grew up in an artistic family. My parents loved painting, music, design, crafting, and makeshift projects.
It's no surprise that their only daughter would also follow an artsy path.
I remember as a kid I used to pick berries and flowers off the trees and mash them into my "witches brew". Though I don't follow any one path. I've considered myself to be an open mind free spirit with a vivid imagination.

My teen years were no different. My friends and I used to have bracelet making sessions.  Hanging out stringing beads. However, back then Ebay was the only selling platform. We just made the bracelets to wear  and trade for fun.

I never considered pursuing art in my adult life. My family's motto was get a full time job with benefits. That lifestyle was going great until I got diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2020 at the young age of 35. My whole world came crashing down. My perspective of life changed. I felt like everything I had lived was a lie. Searching to find myself AGAIN; I discovered crystals. Learning about them helped me to ignore the reality that I face.  Looking though the pictures above you'll see just a few of the caves, crystal coves, and mines my partner and I have been to.

The beauty of the crystals and gemstones captivated me. I wanted to buy everything.
My partner, who's been very supportive of my medical agenda, suggested I start making crystal jewelry. His exact words were, "You can do that, how hard could it be"?
I've fallin from grace.
Working with the wire and concentrating on perfection of the pieces I create distract me from my haunting.
Buying from my shop isn't just a sale, there's a story behind every piece. ♡

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